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In order to view these archive recordings of the 2022 FEAST LEARNING FEST, you will need to enter the pass code for the specific workshop or Folklore talk. (You will be prompted to enter your passcode when you click the SEE FULL VIDEO button on a particular recording.) You can view the workshops on rows 2 and 3 below, and the Folklore talks in row 5

if you have the FULL FEST PASS, use the playlist on the left as the your full fest pass code will give you access to all the recordings.

If you have misplaced your pass, please email link with details of your booking and the recording(s) you wish to watch,

Tickets for individual workshop and folklore talk recordings are still available FEAST LEARNING FESTIVAL (FLF) 2022 - 9/16/2022 There are 5 workshops and 4 Folklore talks in the Fest.

We apologize, for the slight delay, it took for us the process and edit the RECORDINGS. As a result, vieweing time has been extended to - 15th December 2022.




The 'Focus on Folklore' will be available for viewing for unlimited time. These links will be sent via email ( as these are unlisted links on Youtube). Please remember not to share these links with anyone, as they will continue to remain on the FEAST store as a means of income for FEAST.

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