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FEAST holds regular Story Swaps as a platform for tellers to share stories on a variety of themes. The recordings you can watch on this page are of our free sessions, which are open to both members and non-members alike - FEAST is always happy to hear new voices sharing a story! We hope that the opportunity to tell here may encourage more tellers to join our FEAST family!

Usually we announce a Swap about 5 weeks in advance of the date and this notice includes an open call for tellers to offer to share a story on the Swap's theme. We review the story offers and select between 5 - 8 tellers (depending on the length of the stories). After browsing these recordings, if you have a suggestion for a theme for a future story swap, do let us know!

Back in 2022, we first articulated the idea of occasionally letting every teller tell at a swap, by dividing the meet into several breakout-rooms (according to the number of tellers) so that they tell to a portion of the online audience (total audience divided by number of rooms). This year it became a reality when we created JUST TELL and going forward it will become a regular part of our programming - not exactly monthly but pretty much so. However, as JUST TELL is a platform that also allows members to tell a story they are working on, the recordings will not be made publicly available.


Enjoy these entertaining stories from: Lesley Croft (Ausrtralia) Shilpa Mehta (india) Adele Alexandre (USA) Renu Narayan (india) N Ratih (Indonesia) Ernie Boxall (UK) and

Pretigaya Haran (India)

BUILDING BRIDGES - a celebration of World Storytelling Day 2024


A fascinating mix of stories about many different kinds of bridges as shared by

  • Lavanya Prasad (Bangalore, India); Parvathy Eswaran (Coimbatore, India); Niharika (Hong Kong); Jo Henwood (Sydney, Australia); Jamsheena (Kerala, India); Diep Tran (Singapore) and Seila Wee (Singapore). MC: Priti Modyiyer

MYTHS & LEGENDS - December 2023



I always love FEAST story swaps . . .

They offer a safe space to share and the comments you get are always encouraging. Not only in your own performance but you learn immensely even by watching others. I love adding new stories to my repertoire, learn from new styles the Storytellers showcase and the tips and tricks shared especially by the veterans.

- Prakrati Agrawal,

currently living in Canada (February 2023)

Our Story Swap in MAY was a PEER-REVIEWED STORY SWAP, open only to members.

It was an excellent session and a review of the event has been archived A Gem of a review

During the session attendees will be invited to share feedback on 3-4 tellers and their tales. The teller may request that the feedback focusses on a particularly aspect of the telling (such as how I might make it more interactive or how I can tighten the opening, etc) The sessions are always warm and constructive, and it is always interesting hearing people's differing points of view and suggestions.

As the focus in on learning and development, rather than on performance, the recording is only shared with the presenting tellers for their personal benefit.

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