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UPDATE 5 April 2022

With just a month to go (most people arrive in Istanbul on the 6th May) registration for the tour is now closed.

I am delighted to say we have 22 members (including six spouses and two children) from eight countries confirmed on the tour. In the process the FEAST family has welcomed four new members to FEAST, including Gideon For-mukwai who facilitated our fun January webinar on storytelling and sales (does that make him our returning customer?) In addition to the travellers, there will be a six-strong Turkish team that includes two storytellers and am musician who will be with us for the first three days, as well as two professional guides plus Cem Alfar who is the moving force behind this whole project

We have a fascinating two days in Istanbul that will include a dinner hosted by the local storytelling community before we start the tour proper.

Perhaps best of all is the easing of regulations relating to covid which we hope bodes well for our gathering together in May!

The Lycian Way lies in the south of Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast, and it passes through many ancient Lycian and Roman cities and nomadic villages, making you feel that you are bathing in an enormous pool of history and culture. They did not call Lycia the ”land of light” for nothing!

By day we'll be walking/hiking for 2.5 or 5hrs (depending on your level of fitness/energy and/or enthusiasm!) along this historic coastal path in groups of 8-10, each led by a professional guide.

And every evening, Cem has obtained permission from the Turkish Dept of Tourism to present a 90 minute programme of stories in the magnificent amphitheatre ruins in Xanthos, Patara, Myra, Olympos and Phaselis. Now we know who is in the tour party we will collectively curate the sessions.


Accommodation: KAS (Day 0 - 3)

Day 0 : Arrival to Dalaman  8 MAY 2022

Transfer to Hotel 

Day I : Hiking 9 MAY

  • Çavdır – Çayköy – Üzümlü
  • Grade 2-3  Easy 2.5hrs/Busy 5hrs  Elevation 247
  • Day II : Hiking 10 MAYÜzümlü – Akbel– Bezirgan
  • Grade 2-3  Easy 2.5hrs / Busy 5hrs  Elevation 307m

Day III : Active resting 11 MAY

  • Discovering Symena sunken city
  • Swimming , Canoeing 

Accomodation : Tekirova (Day 4 - 6)    

Day IV : Hiking 12 MAY

  • Kekova – Andriake
  • Grade 1-3 Easy 2hrs / Busy 4.5hrs  Elevation 80 mt
  • Lycian Museum Visit 1,5 H
  • Day V : Hiking 13 MAYChimera I & II - Ulupınar
  • Grade 2-3  Easy 1hr / Busy 3.5hrs  Elevation 160 m

Day VI program : Hiking 14 MAY

  • Phaselis Antique City Visit
  • Phaselis- Alacasu Beach
  • Grade 1-3 Easy 1.5hr / Busy 2.5hrs Elevation 80 m

Day VII: Departure from Antalya, 15 MAY


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