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FEAST kicked off it's first mentorship series in 2021.


To date, we have successfully conducted the following mentorships, benefitting over 20 of our members:

Performance Storytelling for Adults Mentorship  

Storytelling for Persons with Special Needs Mentorship

Storytelling at Cultural Heritage Sites and Museums Mentorship.



Perfomance storytelling for Adults Mentorship  

Puppetry for Storytellers Mentorship.



For details on the mentorships offered in 2023, see column on the right»»



FEAST is pleased to announce two new mentorships this year:

  1. Performance Storytelling for Adults
  2. Eco Storytelling

These are part of the learning initiatives in FEAST, and may culminate in a performance/presentation later in the year. The mentorships have been curated, keeping our members preferences in mind.



  • Mentorships are open to MEMBERS ONLY, but we will consider new members.
  • Members may choose to apply for both, but will be selected for only ONE mentorship.
  • Members who have been selected for a mentorship in the previous year (2022), are not eligible to apply for 2023.

We are proud to present the two showcases which celebrate the conclusion of our 2023 Mentorship programmes.

The first is the ECO Storytelling mentorship which was led by Fran Stallings. The showcase is of exceptional quality, rich in informative, emotion and demonstrating a variety of styles and types of tale. the tellers are all relatively experienced (as tellers0 but eere looking to enhance their eco-telling for reasons whicyh they explain in conversation with Fran during the session.


FEAST is pleased to announce two new mentorships this year.

'Perfomance Storytelling for Adults' and

'Puppetry for Storytellers'.

These are part of the learning initiatives in FEAST, and will culminate in a perfomance/ presentation at the FEAST Learning Festival in September. The mentorships have been curated, keeping the membership's preferences in mind.

Our 5 mentees for the Adult Performance storytelling: Stefania Ganzini (Italy), Nidhi Gujral (India), Mette Kuhlen Gullach (Denmark), Susie Miller (Ireland) and Swetha Prakash (UK). They were mentored by (in order of mentees above) Kiran Shah, Mabel Lee, Roger Jenkins, Jeeva Raghunath and Anna Fancett. You can watch their Showcase here - five very different stories told by five unique tellers.



'Perfomance Storytelling for Adults'

and 'Puppetry for Storytellers'

Both these mentorships, according to the nine mentees who participated in them, were highly successful, providing the mentees with individual mentoring in the case of the Adult Performance programme, and hands-on training in a small group of only four for the Puppetry.

Here we share some reflection by Stefania Ganzini on her mentorship with Kiran shah, as wekll as the Puppet Party which was a showcase performance celebrating the newly acquired skills of Nancy Leppard, Shereen Saif, Nandita Sankaran and Lamya Tawfik and their mentor Priscilla Howe


This recording of the Adult Mentees Showcase is made available for the current mentees to view (hopefully as an inspirational resource!) The video is password protected.

FYI This row is only visible to members (when they have logged in) It does not show to members of the public. This is one of the nifty features of the Club Express web system!)


FEAST kicked off it's first mentorship series in 2021. Two mentorships were offered for 'Perfomance storytelling for Adults' Mentorship and 'Storytelling for Persons with Special Needs' mentorship. Do listen below to what our mentees have to share about their experiences.

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