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FEAST kicked off it's first mentorship series in 2021.

To date, we have successfully conducted the following mentorships, benefitting over 30 of our members:


Perfomance storytelling for Adults Mentorship  

Eco Storytelling  Mentorship.


Perfomance storytelling for Adults Mentorship  

Puppetry for Storytellers Mentorship.

Performance Storytelling for Adults Mentorship  

Storytelling for Persons with Special Needs Mentorship

Storytelling at Cultural Heritage Sites and Museums Mentorship.


For details on the mentorships offered in 2024, see column on the right»»


FEAST is pleased to announce two new mentorships this year:

  1. Performance Storytelling for Adults
  2. Personal Story Creation by Laura Packer

These are part of the learning initiatives in FEAST, and will culminate in a performance/presentation later in the year. The mentorships have been curated, keeping our members preferences in mind.


  • Mentorships are open to MEMBERS ONLY, but we will consider new members.
  • Members may choose to apply for both, but will be selected for only ONE mentorship.
  • Members who have been selected for a mentorship in the previous year (2023), will be given lower priority than first time applicants
  • These are PAID mentorships




Mentorship Liaison: Dee Palanisamy

Mentorship communication Email:

A mentorship catering to ‘Performance Storytelling To Adults’ has been a FEAST Member favourite, since the inception of the FEAST mentorships in 2021. This year, we have revived this mentorship yet again, hoping that more and more of our members will be crafting stories for adult audiences.

How to Craft and Tell Stories from Lived Experience 

"When you think about "storytelling" do you think only of folktales and myths, or do you also think of
personal stories from your own life? Folktales and myths are important and wonderful to share; so are personal narratives.

The mentor will be the master storyteller Laura Packer.


Rona Barbour, Christine Carlton, Roger Jenkins,

Mabel Lee, Jeeva Raghunath, Kiran Shah, Sheila Wee


Laura Packer

Note: The matching of the mentees & mentors will be at the mentors' discretion and will also take into account the different time zones the mentees and mentors are in.

Who is this for: This programme is designed for storytellers who are not yet experienced in creating storytelling performances for adult audiences

Who is this for: Participants should have some experience crafting and performing a story, and an openness to sharing a personal story or two

Objective: To be able to tell stories to adults as a performance storyteller

Objective: Learn how to unearth, craft, and share stories from your own life

Online showcase: Showcase conceptualisation will be done with the group

Date: Mid-October 2024

Online showcase: Personal story showcase where you can share one of the stories you've worked on

Date: To de decided, but likely in Oct or Nov 2024

Sessions :

  • Introductory Meeting with the Mentorship Team

  • 5 sessions (60 min each) one one-on-one with the Mentor

  • 2 formal rehearsals with the Mentorship Team

  • Showcase

Sessions :

  • 6 workshops ( 90-minutes each)

  • 30 minutes of one-on-one coaching with Laura

  • 1 rehearsal for the showcase

  • Showcase

Application deadline: 12 April 2024

Duration: May 2024 - October 2024

Basic requirements

• Have a FEAST membership until Dec 2025 (to ensure only serious applicants apply)

• Must pay the nominal mentorship contribution

• Must have submitted a complete form

• Mentees must commit to be present for all ( 5 sessions of 60 mins each.)

• The dates and times of the sessions will be decided between the mentors and mentees

Note: Those who did not take part in a FEAST mentorship in 2023 will be given preference in the selection

Fees :

SGD 30 (Professional Members)

SGD 50 (Community Members)

SGD 70 (Not Resident in Asia)

Expectations of the Mentees

  • Mentees will be expected to write a short reflection on each of the mentoring sessions within 10 days of the session.

  • FEAST will not provide a certificate at the end of the mentorship.

  • During the mentorship, each mentee will work on crafting a story to a performance level suitable for an adult audience.

  • If you are unable to attend a session because of any emergency, please let your mentor know as soon as possible and reschedule a new date.

  • Mentorship will be provided one on one. However, showcase conceptualisation will be done in a group. At the end of the mentorship, participants will be asked to perform in an online adult storytelling showcase hosted by FEAST.

  • If you have to exit the mentorship for some unforeseen reason, FEAST cannot issue a refund

Expectations of the Mentees

  • Mentees will be expected to write a short reflection on each of the mentoring sessions within 10 days of the session.

  • FEAST will not provide a certificate at the end of the mentorship.

  • Mentees will be expected to do the homework assigned.

  • There will be a Showcase at the end of the mentorship and you will be expected to attend at least one rehearsal for that.

  • If you have to exit the mentorship for some unforeseen reason, FEAST cannot issue a refund


The mentor has the final say. If a mentee cannot complete the above requirements, they may be requested to leave the mentorship.

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About the Mentors
About the Mentors


Rona Barbour (UK)

Rona comes from a long line of celebrated storytellers and has been a passionate storyteller; writing and telling stories since childhood. Rona’s work has led her to be described as “The Godmother of Storytelling” in the UK.  Rona was a Director of the Society for Storytelling (England) for 6-years. She is a Continuing Professional Development tutor in storytelling skills accredited with the UK government, and has lectured on storytelling in the UK and Russia. Her work in the community earned her a “She Inspires Award” in 2021.

Roger Jenkins (Singapore)

Roger started storytelling in 1998 after careers in both teaching and theatre. He brings the experience earned through teaching, acting and directing community performers to his role as a mentor. His strengths as a teller are in comedy, spontaneity, visualisation and wordplay, though as an experienced improviser and tandem-teller, he likes to work with whatever his mentee brings to the session. An award-winning author, his constructive advice is great in helping to shape or tighten a story’s structure.

Kiran Shah (Australia)

Kiran Shah has been a professional storyteller since 1999. She co-organised story circles and storytelling courses which culminated in the formation of the Storytelling Association, Singapore in 2006, of which she was the founder president. She has been a part of many groups performing for adult audiences in Singapore and elsewhere. Kiran continues to perform for adult audiences in Australia for several organisations. This will be Kiran's fourth year of being a adult  performance mentor for FEAST.

Mabel Lee (Singapore) 

Mabel Lee has been a professional storyteller in since 2000.  She was a member of Talespin, a ground breaking collaborative that helped pioneer adult performance storytelling in Singapore in the early 2000s.  She later went on to do numerous adult performances under the auspices of Story Weavers, the adult performance arm of the Storytelling Association (Singapore), as well as being featured internationally and in international showcases in Singapore based storytelling festivals.  Over the years Mabel has mentored many aspiring tellers in honing their stories for performance.

Christine Carlton (Australia)

Christine Carlton is an Australian performer and educator whose storytelling is an interplay between stories of impact and playful engagement. She has worked throughout Australia and internationally and has offered several well received workshops and coaching sessions for FEAST. She provides individual coaching and mentoring for people keen to expand their storytelling skills.

Sheila Wee (Singapore)  

Sheila has been living and breathing storytelling since 1998. She co-founded Singapore’s first professional storytelling company with Kiran Shah, and because of her work to pioneer the revival of storytelling in Singapore both for children and adults, she has become known as Singapore’s Godmother of Storytelling. She tells stories to adults, teens and children and she is adept at varying her storytelling style according to her audience. She is comfortable telling to small groups, or to audiences of over a thousand. Her storytelling has been described variously as warm, engaging, elegant and captivating. Sheila’s storytelling experience is deep and wide-ranging and she works both in Singapore and internationally. An award-winning storytelling trainer, Sheila’s highly practical and inspirational workshops have garnered consistently high ratings from participants. She relishes the chance to work one-on-one with a storyteller to bring out the best in them and their story.

Jeeva Raghunath (India) 

Jeeva has been a professional storyteller since 1997, telling stories to both adults and children. She is noted for characterisation, use of voice and improvisational skills. She has travelled to 27 countries performing in festivals and educational institutions and conducting storytelling workshops.  Jeeva has been a mentor to many upcoming storytellers and runs a popular online story clinic where she coaches storytellers one on one according to their individual needs and interests. Jeeva’s company Kathaikalatta runs an international storytelling festival “Under the Aalamaram every year in Chennai, India. She is also an author of 15 children’s books and translated over 65 books from English to Tamil. She has won several awards, the most recent being “Mangaiyar Tharagai 2024” (Star Lady) for her services to the community through storytelling.

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About the Mentor
About the Mentor

About Laura packer

Laura Packer has been sharing stories and teaching storytelling for over 30 years. She knows that shared stories create empathy, healing, and community. Laura has won many awards for her work including at many slam storytelling events dedicated to personal stories. Laura is dedicated to helping others find their stories and their voices through teaching, coaching, and mentorship. You can find more about Laura at and


FEAST is pleased to share a glimpse of our 2 mentorships on 2023

'Perfomance Storytelling for Adults' and

'Eco Storytelling'.


These are part of the learning initiatives in FEAST, and will culminated in a perfomance/ presentation.  The mentorships have been curated, keeping the membership's preferences in mind.

The first is the ECO Storytelling mentorship
which was led by Fran Stallings. The showcase is of exceptional quality, rich in informative, emotion and demonstrating a variety of styles and types of tale. the tellers are all relatively experienced (as tellers but were looking to enhance their eco-telling for reasons which they explain in conversation with Fran during the session.


'Perfomance Storytelling for Adults' and 'Puppetry for Storytellers'

Both these mentorships, according to the nine mentees who participated in them, were highly successful, providing the mentees with individual mentoring in the case of the Adult Performance programme, and hands-on training in a small group of only four for the Puppetry.

Here we share some reflection by Stefania Ganzini on her mentorship with Kiran shah, as wekll as the Puppet Party which was a showcase performance celebrating the newly acquired skills of Nancy Leppard, Shereen Saif, Nandita Sankaran and Lamya Tawfik and their mentor Priscilla Howe


This recording of the Adult Mentees Showcase is made available for the current mentees to view (hopefully as an inspirational resource!) The video is password protected.

FYI This row is only visible to members (when they have logged in) It does not show to members of the public. This is one of the nifty features of the Club Express web system!)


FEAST kicked off it's first mentorship series in 2021. Two mentorships were offered for 'Perfomance storytelling for Adults' Mentorship and 'Storytelling for Persons with Special Needs' mentorship. Do listen below to what our mentees have to share about their experiences.

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