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We are delighted to announce our fifth series of 'webinars' which will run from July 2022 - to June 2023.

However, strictly speaking, a 'webinar' is a one-way learning process with a presenter and audience members can ask questions. Our sessions are more interactive, and we're rebranding them as Learning Capsules.

Over the twelve months we are arranging 10 online Learning Capsules, with breaks in September - when we have the online LEARNING FEST to keep your mind fully engaged! - and June. (Three facilitators are still being finalised and the page will be update accordingly.) The online learning sessions have been one of the outstanding features of FEAST's programming, remarkable for their consistency, their practical application for all sorts of storytellers, and their exceptional value for money.

We invite members and non-members to take advantage of our LEARNING CAPSULE PACKAGE PLAN which offers you 25% savings ($15)


  • you save money while getting to see a wider range of webinars
  • you are automatically sent the link to the live session and to the edited capsule recording
  • you are supporting FEAST both financially (by making one payment instead of many micro-payments you reduce our overall Paypal transaction fees) and administratively (your package purchase greatly simplifies the accounting paperwork for our volunteers!)

MEMBERS : SGD $45 (Save $15)

(please purchase via the Optional Additional Charges when you renew your membership.*)

NON-MEMBERS SGD $99 (Save SGD $31)

Approximately US$72/GBP 58.50 depending on exchange rate. Purchase from the store - (Link)

*We recommend purchasing the package in July to give you the option of viewing all the webinars live and participating in the break-out room activity. If you purchase the package later in the year, you will still pay the same price and you will receive links to the recordings of Learning Capsules presented between July and the month you start your subscription to the package.


The programme offers an excellent cross-section of expertise and experience which caters to many different aspects of being a storyteller – be it the craft, performance skill-sets, teaching, the business of being a teller – or what some might considerate the ultimate challenge, creating your own solo show for an adult audience! The presenters enjoy an excellent reputation and we are gratified that when we approached them they were already well aware of the quality of FEAST's ongoing learning series, and of the appreciative and informed audience that they can expect (even if the audience is not so informed about their particular interest or passion!)







Katrice Horsley, Donna Washington, Peter Chand
11 July 2022 Going Solo
Creating a solo adult performance
02 Jo Henwood
17 August 2022 Traveling Fairy Tales
Culturally Adapting Fairy Tales (see Jo's excellent Aussie adaptation of Hansel & Gretel Jo tells on the Lycian Way)


16 - 25 September 4 outstanding trainers present 4 in-depth 3hr workshops. Plus FOCUS ON FOLKLORE, a series of talks on the folklore of different Asian Cultures as it relates to storytelling.
03 Roger Jenkins
Krupa Vinayagamoorthy

14 October 2022 Creative Captioning
04 Chirstine Carlton

2 November 2022 Stories in Art
05 Anjali Sharma
6 December 2022 Topic: Storytelling in Organisations
title to be confirmed
06 Karen Chace
12 January 2023 How to start a storytelling club in schools
07 Julie Wee 1 February 2023 Fresh & Alive
allowing your authentic voice to shine through
08 Yet to be confirmed
March 2023

How to run a FESTIVA L 

Panel discussion

April 2023
May 2023

Please note:

*The LEARNING FEST is NOT part of the LEARNING CAPSULE PACKAGE but is included here so you can see what we have scheduled for training and development in the coming year. Tickets for the LEARNING FEST – either for single sessions or the whole events - will go on sale soon.

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