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How to Story Slam by Jamie Brunson
How to Story Slam by Jamie Brunson
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A story slam is a fun form of competition where storytellers tell a 5 minute story based on their own personal experience – folktales, myths and literary works definitely have no place in a slam.

So how does a Story Slam competition work? What are the rules? What kind of stories work best? And who judges? What makes a story slam such popular entertainment? These are the questions that our highly experienced facilitator, Jamie Brunson, will be addressing!

Jamie is the Executive Director of First Person Arts which has produced over 200 story slams since 2007. Her workshop will:

-Review the rules of a slam

-Show you how to prepare a compelling five minute true story for an open mic format

-Let you discover how to present your five minute true story without notes or props

-Help storytellers interested in producing a story slam gain valuable knowledge in order to create and present their own slam

About Jamie Brunson

Jamie J. Brunson has brought storytelling to the stage within different spheres of the arts and cultural community for over 16 years. She served as managing director of New Freedom Theatre and the Providence Black Repertory Company and as Director of Institutional Gifts and Sponsorship for the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. An accomplished playwright, Brunson is a four-time Delaware Division of the Arts/NEA grantee for playwriting and an award-winning playwright who was named a “New Voice in American Theatre” by the Edward Albee Theatre Conference. Her plays have been produced across the country at famous theatres and festivals. Her playwriting awards and honors include a Panelist Choice Award at the Edward Albee Conference and selection as a Chesterfield Film Company Fellowship Semi-Finalist.

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