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Stories For Sales by Gideon For-mukwai
Stories For Sales by Gideon For-mukwai
Digital Product
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In a time of information overload and overwhelming distortions, storytelling for sales helps businesspeople to craft and present persuasive messages that cut through all the noise pollution in the world today. In this light, storytelling for sales aims at initiating, nurturing, and converting prospects into clients.

Sales messages that increase neural activity, tend to deepen the connection between the teller and the audience. When this happens, the messages are perceived to be more relatable, credible, and memorable. These factors come into play to predispose a prospect to make a favorable purchase decision.

This webinar focuses on storytelling processes, tools, and techniques required in conceiving, crafting, and delivering a sales story in today’s marketplace. Here are some of the deliverables you can expect:

-Storytelling in the Web 2.0 era

-The Story DNA Method

-3 types of stories used frequently in sales

-4 neuroscience-based elements of a sales story

About Dr Gideon For-mukwai

Gideon is an award-winning speaker, educator, and bestselling author of “The Science of Story Selling,” an Amazon 2015 Bestseller. His storytelling projects have been featured in The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Select Journal, The Daily Astorian, as well as other broadcast media in Singapore, South Africa, and Canada.

In the last 18 years, he has designed and delivered training programs for executives from Social Security Administration, Harvard Medical School,Morrison University, Singapore Armed Forces, Maryland Women Business Center, International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), and several similar organizations.

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