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Quackadoodlemoo???!!! by Antonio Rocha
Quackadoodlemoo???!!! by Antonio Rocha
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This fun and insightful workshop is designed for developing and expanding the five different voice resonators (chest, neck, mouth, nose and head) and how we can manipulate them in order to create useful sound effects.

This workshop is beneficial for all styles and genres of storytelling, for as you know, sound effects can be used from animal tales to ghost ones, from personal stories to myth.

You will also learn how to throw your sound effect and create the illusion that it is coming from the story and not you. This is, in my opinion, the most exciting part of a sound effect's effectiveness. The audience knows you are making it, and yet you are out of its way.

About Antonio Rocha

Antonio Rocha, (pronounced haw-sha), a native of Brazil, began his career in the performing arts in 1985. In 1988 he received a Partners of the Americas grant to come to the USA to perform and deepen his mime skills with Mime Master Tony Montanaro. Since then, he has earned a Summa Cum Laude Theater BA from the University of Southern Maine and studied with Master Marcel Marceau.

Antonio's unique fusion of mime and spoken word has been performed from Singapore to South Africa and many places in between including 16 countries on 6 continents. Some of the venues include The Singapore Festival of the Arts, Wolf Trap, The National Storytelling Festival, The Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian Institution, The National Geographic, The Tales of Graz in Austria, Dunya Festival in Holland as well as many other Storytelling Festivals and educational institutions around The USA.

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