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Podcasting for Storytellers An Interactive Webinar
Podcasting for Storytellers An Interactive Webinar
Digital Product
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Podcast is pure audio! Some call it the modern-day radio, the audio-cousin to YouTube, or even a narcissistic platform for content developers & subject-experts to market their knowledge! Whichever way you look at it, Podcasting is a powerful platform for storytellers.

Discover the power of audio! Rituparna Ghosh takes you through the sound waves helping you explore the world of podcasting. What does the world of podcasting have in it for a storyteller? Where and how to find a niche? Take a crash course in understanding the technology behind podcasting.

Some things you will learn in this webinar

  1. What is Podcasting? How is it different from Voice Overs?
  2. Why should storytellers consider it?
  3. What are the Podcasting formats?
  4. Podcast for Marketing and / or Profit!

Podcasting is as much about content, as it is about technology. Join Rituparna as she takes you through the basics of Podcasting for Storytellers. Script - Record - Edit - Host - Stream! This webinar is for anyone who loves stories & wants to be heard!

About Rituparna Ghosh:

You can describe her as a story digger, story charmer, story gatherer, story extractor, story spotter…Rituparna is anything but just a storyteller! An international storyteller and a TEDx speaker Rituparna Ghosh is the Founder of Your Story Bag, a Storytelling, Training and Consulting company. She works with listeners, children, adults, organisations and corporate helping them harness the power of stories.

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