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Fracturing Fairytales By Laura Packer
Fracturing Fairytales By Laura Packer
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Fracturing Fairytales By Laura Packer

From Disney to comics to movies and more, fairytales are everywhere. They shape our hopes and dreams, and offer a path through the dark woods. 

This immersive, interactive workshop will deepen your understanding of these ancient tales and guide you to either take an existing story then break it open and recraft it for your own needs, or create a brand new fairy tale that feels like it's been around for generations.

Expect to write, tell, discuss, and dive deep into fairy tales in a supportive environment. This workshop is appropriate for high school students and adults. It is not recommended for younger people because of possible content of some of the stories. No stories will be censored though content warnings are required.

About Laura Packer

Laura Packer knows that the best way to the truth is through a good story; she has coached, told, taught, ranted, raved, consulted and considered storytelling around the world. She is committed to great storytelling, and helping others find their voice, tell their stories, and change the world. Laura has won multiple awards including the 2018 Minnesota Story Slam Championship and the 2020 National Storytelling Network Circle of Excellence. She holds a degree in folklore and mythology and is the author of From Audience to Zeal: The ABCs of Finding, Crafting, and Telling a Great Story. For her story and more, go to

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