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Stories For All by Nancy Leppard
Stories For All by Nancy Leppard
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STORIES FOR ALL – A Storyteller’s Sharing Session on Experiences in the Special Needs Classroom By Nancy Leppard

Nancy Leppard became a professional storyteller 15 years ago, after a career as both a special needs and a mainstream teacher. In this webinar she will share her experiences of telling stories in various special needs schools in Singapore and beyond. She will share how she chooses stories and the various strategies for telling them based on specific needs pupils of varying ages with different types of special needs.

Nancy believes that storytellers have many tools to use, but we must use them with careful thought and constant reflection. She says, “Over the years I learnt that what works in one session might not work in another, and what works with one child might not work with another. So, what did I do? I went back to basics. I worked on the stories. I worked on myself. I thought deeply about what I should keep and what I should change.”


Nancy came to storytelling after more than a decade teaching both special needs and mainstream pupils. She first discovered the power of storytelling in the classroom, where she used it to engage, inspire and educate her pupils. Gradually her storytelling moved beyond the classroom and for the past 15 years she has been training and entertaining people of all ages; from pre-schoolers to senior citizens; and from all walks of life, from teachers to taxi drivers.

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